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“The current system neither has nor deserves advocates.”

-James Madison on the US Government under the Articles of Confederation

On Wednesday, May 19, concerned citizens from across the state formally unveiled a plan to repair California’s broken system of government by calling for a State Constitutional Convention. Since the announcement, our in-box and website have been flooded with support from across the political spectrum and the campaign has received valuable, high-profile media coverage.

The effort was on the front page of the New York Times, was given an official endorsement of the Los Angeles Times, and thanks to some intrepid bloggers, we found out that almost all of the candidates for Governor have endorsed the Constitutional Convention. (This follows a great story in The Economist, which was published in more than 200 countries)

Last week’s press conference brought together a politically diverse group of supporters to call for fundamental reform. A special thanks to Democratic State Senator Mark DeSaulnier and Republican Assemblyman Brian Nestande, who agreed to try to place two propositions on the ballot through the power of the legislature. While they have a near impossible task, we all appreciate their patriotism. If they are unable to succeed, we will use the initiative process to convene a Constitutional Convention.

If you have not already done so, be sure to visit our newly revamped website at www.RepairCalifornia.org . There, you can locate events near you, access multimedia, host a meeting, and view recent media coverage. In addition, you can also join our ever-growing facebook cause, Repair California: Call a State Constitutional Convention. There, you can contact and share ideas with other supporters, comment on popular threads, and suggest links. Be sure to invite your freinds to help this campaign go viral.

Again, this campaign would not be possible without the dedication and concern of regular Californians. Check often for updates, and stay-tuned for further notices on this historic campaign.