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Salman Rushdie (2011). Oil on Canvass.

Note: I apologize for the low-resolution picture, which omits detail (especially the sky). Until I get it scanned, my cell phone camera will have to do.

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Salman Rushdie‘s novels breathlessly intertwine historical narrative with the fantastic, a style that has been described as ‘Magical Realism’.  As such, depicting him has given me good excuse to get reacquainted with those bolder regions of the spectrum. The fire, hailing from a mid-air explosion, as well as Mount Everest and the enthusiastic consumption of pork, are all references to scenes in the novel The Satanic Verses, while the perforated sheet flying overhead appears several times throughout the novel Midnight’s Children. I’m considering making 18’x24′ poster prints and selling them on my website, adriancovertweb.com, most likely for $30-$40. Please let me know in the comments section below if you’d be interested in ordering one should they become available. Thank you!