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This much I’m sure of. In the future, the astonishing recordings from the “Digitally Remastered Beatles-in-Mono”, released September 9 (which happens to be my birthday) of last year, will simply be referred to as “The Beatles”. It is every Beatles song that you think you have heard, rather, which must be renamed.

Perhaps those poor quality stereo-remixes will become known as “Primitive Beatles”, or “The Beatles–sort of”, or better yet, “Not The Beatles”. If you are under 50 years old, The Beatles’ stereo recordings, in use everywhere since the 1980’s, are probably the only versions of the legendary bands’ songs you’ve ever heard.

I am in the middle of listening to A Day in the Life on Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, and this Beatles fanatic will attest: The sweetest music on Earth has never sounded sweeter.